Make Trade and Onboarding Easy with Atlas Verification APIs

Streamline Trade and Onboarding with Atlas Identity Verification API

The world of trade is brimming with opportunities. Collaboration is flourishing, and new markets are opening doors to exciting growth. As businesses expand their operations, the demand for smoother and more streamlined processes is becoming increasingly essential.

However, various businesses are still struggling with a hidden obstacle: slow and cumbersome manual trade identity verification processes. These outdated methods can strangle efficiency, leading to delays and errors.

What if there was a solution that could make trade verification easy?

Atlas is an API marketplace dedicated to end-to-end trade automation, developed by Vayana. By partnering with Atlas, you can equip your clients with a powerful suite of Identity Verification API that streamlines the process, enhances security, and gives them a competitive edge.

How Does Traditional Verification Slow You Down?

Traditional verification methods rely on paper documents and manual checks, leading to several problems:

  • Slow and Inefficient: The process can take weeks, hindering deal flow.
  • Prone to Errors: Manual verification is susceptible to typos and errors, causing delays.
  • Increased Costs: Manual verification requires time and resources, impacting on your bottom line.
  • Security Concerns: Paper-based records are vulnerable to loss, theft, and fraud.

Atlas Verification APIs: The Solution

Atlas Verification APIs integrate seamlessly with your existing software solutions, empowering your clients to

  • Experience Blazing-Fast Verification: Verify identities and details in seconds, accelerating trade deals.
  • Eliminate Errors: Automation minimizes human error for accurate and consistent verification.
  • Enhance Security: Connect to trusted data sources for advanced fraud protection.
  • Reduce Costs: Free up valuable resources to focus on core business activities.

A Look at Key Atlas Online Identity Verification API.

Atlas offers a robust suite of Verification APIs, each addressing a specific aspect of identity verification crucial for various industries. Here are a few examples:

Bank Account Verification API

Ever worried about sending money to the wrong account? 

 This API lets you quickly check if an account is real using just the account number and a special code (IFSC code) in India. This ensures your money goes where it’s supposed to and saves you the hassle of mistakes.

GST Verification API –

When dealing with businesses, it’s important to know they’re registered and compliant with tax regulations. This API instantly verifies a business’s GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) so you can be confident you’re working with legitimate partners. This speeds up the onboarding process for both you and your clients.

PAN Verification API

Fraudulent activities can hurt your business. This API helps you verify customer identities using their PAN (Permanent Account Number), a vital tax document in India. This extra layer of security protects you from fraud and ensures you’re dealing with real people.

Aadhaar Verification API

For banks, NBFCs, and lending companies, secure customer onboarding is crucial. This API allows you to verify Aadhaar OTPs (One-Time Passwords), a unique 12-digit number used for individual identity verification in India. This ensures a smooth and secure onboarding process for your customers.

Driver’s License, Voter ID, and Passport Verification API

Keeping up with compliance can be challenging. The E-way bill verification API allows for quick verification of documents required for transporting goods within India. Additionally, the Driver’s License, Voter ID, and Passport verification APIs streamline identity checks against government databases, making compliance easier and faster.

What’s it in for ASPs?

By partnering with Atlas and integrating Identity Verification Software API into your software, you can:

  • Become a Trade Automation Leader –

Stand out from the competition by offering cutting-edge solutions that address your clients’ trade verification woes. Position yourself as a trusted advisor, guiding them through the complexities of international trade.

  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction and Retention –

By integrating ATLAS APIs, you can broaden your service portfolio with valuable trade automation features, attracting new clients and generating additional revenue streams.

  • Effortless Integration for Developers –

The ATLAS API marketplace provides user-friendly identity verification api documentation, developer tools, and a well-structured platform. This allows your development teams to seamlessly integrate ATLAS APIs into your existing solutions, saving them valuable time and resources.

Atlas: Your Path to a Secure and Efficient Future

Atlas Identity Verification APIs are a powerful solution for streamlining and securing your clients’ trade verification processes. Partner with Atlas to:

  • Close deals faster with instant identity verification apis.
  • Reduce errors for accurate results.
  • Enhance security with advanced fraud protection.
  • Simplify compliance with automated checks.
  • Free up resources to focus on growth.
  • Improve client experience for long-term relationships.
A look at how various industries will benefit from Atlas API

Effective identity verification is crucial for a variety of industries beyond trade. Here’s a glimpse into why:

  • Financial Services: Verifying identities helps prevent fraud, money laundering, and identity theft, and protects financial institutions and their customers.
  • E-commerce: Ensuring customer legitimacy minimizes the risk of fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.
  • Healthcare: Accurate patient identification is essential for secure medical records management and proper treatment delivery.
  • Gaming: Age verification safeguards children and ensures responsible gaming practices, Etc.
Ready to transform your trade automation solutions?

Connect with us today to explore the wide range of Identity Verification APIs available and learn how to become a partner.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is verification API?

    A verification API is a tool that can help businesses and individuals verify their identity, such as by using multiple ID proofs. This can help with risk mitigation and streamline the process of checking new users’ identities.

  2. What is identity verification API?

    An identity verification API, or Digital Application Programming Interface API, is a platform that allows businesses to automatically verify the identity of new users.

  3. What is the identity verification API process?

    Identity verification API streamlines the verification process by integrating with existing systems. It collects user-provided data such as ID documents or biometrics, then cross-references it with authoritative databases to confirm authenticity. The API employs various methods like OCR, facial recognition, and data validation to ensure accuracy. Once verified, it provides a confidence score or a pass/fail result. This process enhances security, mitigates fraud, and meets compliance standards without manual intervention.

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