MCA data (CIN/DIN) Verification

The MCA data API verifies the registration data of businesses with the Registrar of Companies in India

Aadhar verification API

Get full details of companies and their directors

bank account verification api

Real time verification

Plug and Play, no coding required

Plug and Play, no coding required

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MCA Data API Use Cases

Atlas partnership with bank

Financial Institutions

Authenticate borrowers and track directors during onboarding and disbursements

E-com by ATLAS

E-commerce operators

Verify the identity of sellers/buyers for onboarding and high value transactions

Atlas Insurers

Insurers & Legal Services

Verify MCA data of policy holders for documentation and claim settlements

Atlas Investments

Investments & Stock Markets

Track financial performance and compliance with regulations

Designed for Developers

We encourage developers to integrate with Atlas. Our MCA verification API uses xyz architecture…

Atlas MCA data Verification API
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Frequently Asked Questions

Atlas’ MCA data verification API authenciates data related to companies and directors registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in India.

When verifying MCA data, our API authenticates Company ID, Company name, Company type & category, Registration number, Address, Date of formation, and Director info.

CIN (Company Identification number) is required as the input to verify the MCA Data

The Corporate Identity Number (CIN) or Director Identification Number (DIN) of a company, extracted from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) data, is vital for unique company identification, adhering to legal and regulatory requirements. Financial institutions utilize CIN for due diligence in loan disbursements and financial transactions, while legal professionals rely on it for verifying corporate identities in legal documentation. CIN plays a crucial role in investment and stock markets, aiding investors and regulatory bodies in tracking and identifying listed companies.

From a process standpoint, CIN is assigned during company registration, serving as a unique identifier. DIN is mandatory for identifying and tracking the activities of company directors. Both CIN and DIN are extensively used in financial transactions, compliance, reporting, and are mandatory during mergers, acquisitions, and stock market transactions.

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